Broadcaster: Sky 1
Distribution: Sky Vision
Duration: 3 x 1hr

Young animals face the ultimate challenge in the natural world.  They must not only survive, but also learn the life skills they’ll need to thrive in the wild. Whether it’s a young lion learning to silently stalk its prey; or a baby elephant grappling for control of her trunk for the first time... they all have their work cut out!


This 4K series follows biologist Patrick Aryee as he gives us an insight into the lives of nature’s smallest heroes.  Travelling to wild parts of the world, Patrick gets up close to some adorable young animal pups, cubs and kittens.  Through these tiny characters we’ll also meet their mums and dads, and explore the complex dynamics of wild family life.  Every parent is different, some will lay everything on the line for their precious offspring whilst others will never even meet their youngsters. 


Each episode explores a different biological parenting strategy. 


EPISODE 1 - SINGLE KIDS: In this episode we explore the lives of single kids and the parents who devote all of their time and energy to give their offspring the skills they’ll need to make it into adulthood.  Elephants – Wildebeest – Puffins – Kangaroos – Sea Otters.


EPISODE 2 - BROTHERS AND SISTERS: This episode explores the world of siblings and their rivalry. But it’s not all war. Some siblings, such as meerkats, will do anything for each other. Meerkats – Bears – Hyenas - Lions.


EPISODE 3 – OUTNUMBERED: For some animals, such as turtle hatchlings, it really is a tough life and they are one of many offspring left to go it alone entirely. Patrick marvels at the many strategies nature has come up with to secure the next generation, and to pass on those all-important genes.