Broadcaster: Sky 1
Distribution: Sky Vision
Duration: 3 x 1hr

This fresh, modern landmark natural history series is a 24-hour roller coaster through the wild. Meet extraordinary animals as they thrive at different moments in the day to survive in some of the toughest landscapes on the planet

The changing position of the sun in the sky affects the behaviour of animals and plants across our planet. From the depths of the Costa Rican jungle, to open plains of South Africa and the dry deserts of Arizona, animals are waiting, ready to take advantage of the opportunities the sun creates.

Ecuador’s early risers – the hummingbirds – warm up with early morning yoga. A chameleon in the heart of the Namibian desert acts as a giant solar panel. As the sun rises to the heat of midday, a Harris Hawk in the Sonoran Desert gets a taste for lizards as tropical storms in the Panamian jungle stop a soggy sloth in its tracks. Kicking into the hi-octane drama of the golden hour, at dusk, an African cool cat – the caracal - leaps into hunting mode.

As the sun sets and dark creeps in, a night-time world wakes, with the horror movie of a real-life monster in the north American deserts and a beady-eyed assassin in the dark rainforest of Costa Rica. It all ends with back in the safety of sunrise as the start of a new day dawns.

For some animals 24 hours is the blink of an eye – for others it’s an entire lifetime – but for every creature this series reveals there’s a moment in every animal’s day it must thrive to survive.