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Across the planet there are animal giants, creatures that have pushed size to the limits. From five-ton elephant seals, to feasting Grizzly Bears and mighty African lions, they have evolved to be massive for many surprising reasons.

In this series, biologist Patrick Aryee is on a global mission to find the biggest beasts on Earth and reveal the conservation challenges facing them in a rapidly changing world. Combining stunning blue chip natural history photography, with nail biting close encounters, this series tells the definitive story of gigantism in the natural world. As well as getting eye-to-eye with present day behemoths, illustrated graphics will bring to life Big Beasts of the past – like the legendary Titanboa, a giant snake as long as a double-decker bus – to reveal how the biggest animals are often the most fragile.


"That's awesome. I think it was probably about three times my body length – so around seven meters. The amazing thing is they can get even bigger!"
Patrick Aryee
RTS West
Best On Screen Talent