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    Apple TV+

This 12-part landmark Apple TV+ series, narrated by Tom Hiddleston, uses audio technology and cinematic 360 sound design to reveal the unexpected, unfamiliar and untold natural stories on every continent of the planet.  Packed with extraordinary never before heard behaviours, this series redefines our understanding of animal communication in the natural world.

EARTHSOUNDS travels to spectacular habitats, including the Queensland rainforest, the Antarctic ice shelf, the Namibian dunes, tropical coral reefs and more. Discoveries and rarely heard recordings from the series include snow leopards singing love songs, the intimate chatter of ostrich chicks from inside their eggs, musical spiders, walrus’s underwater courtship calls and more. But it’s not just animals that make unusual noises; the series also captures the mesmerizing secret sounds of our planet, including the hum of deserts, drinking trees, and the mysterious buzz of the Northern Lights.

Behind the scenes

"That is the deepest sound I think I have ever heard in my life. The soundwaves passing above ground were impressive enough… But hearing the ground move at the same time… That was extraordinary"
Ellie Williams
Sound Recordist