Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family

Broadcaster: Sky 1
Distributor: Sky Vision
Duration: 2 x 60'

Cats are the most successful family of predators on Earth. This is the story of their epic rise to power. In this series biologist Patrick Aryee ventures around the world to some of the planet’s wildest places, to explore the cat’s rich and diverse family tree.

From the majestic Siberian Tiger, to the agile, tree-dwelling Ocelot, cats come in a rich variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Today, there are 37 different species that rule the jungles, mountains, deserts and grasslands. They can jump higher, run faster and climb better than any other group of animals on Earth.

This is an epic journey in which we reveal amazing stories of how each of these cat dynasties came to be. It’s a story of mass migrations, lost lands, marooned beasts and incredible animal characters…

Prepare to meet an amazing animal family – THE CATS.

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