Big Cats: Wild Files

Broadcaster: Sky Kids
Distributor: Sky Vision
Duration: 9 X 10'

In this children’s series Patrick Aryee takes an even closer look at the big cat family. How they survive in the wild, what their strengths and weakness are, and takes a look at some of their unique attributes. In every episode he takes an in-depth look at a different big cat - with clever graphics and all the fact and figures kids love Patrick is on a mission to find out which cat can run the fastest, leap the highest and react the quickest.

Big Cats: Wild Files is a great way for children and their families to learn more about nature and witness the fascinating world of cats in the wild.

Episodes include a look at the Cheetah, the fastest cat on the planet: the Clouded Leopard, considered to be a master of the trees; the Canada Lynx which is capable of survival in the cold harsh northern reaches of America; and the Caracal which possesses astonishing acrobatics.

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