Dogs: An Amazing Animal Family

Broadcaster: Sky 1
Distributor: Sky Vision
Duration: 3 x 60'

In this stunning natural history series, biologist Patrick Aryee takes us on a journey through time to retrace the dog family’s rise to power through the twists and turns of its family tree. From the jungles of Brazil, to the prairies of North America and deserts of Africa, he meets the most dangerous and charismatic wild dogs in the natural world. And ultimately he reveals how one of our most feared predators went on to become man’s best friend.

Patrick reveals amazing stories behind the oldest living carnivores on the planet. It’s an epic story that began thirty four million years ago. Through nail-bitingly close encounters, sumptuous wildlife photography, field demos and a CGI family tree - he shows how different members of this family evolved bizarre bodies, intelligent behaviours and tight-knit social groups to thrive in some of the planet’s wildest landscapes.

The story of the dog family is also OUR story. Dogs were the first wild animals we managed to domesticate. By harnessing their wild instincts, we were able to speed up human civilization. Patrick discovers how we used dogs to help us hunt, round up livestock and to pull us to the ends of the Earth. Only in the last few hundred years have we welcomed dogs into our hearts and our homes. And by selecting the physical traits we like, we have changed the dog family beyond all recognition, with hundreds of weird and wonderful breeds. But despite their dazzling diversity, all dogs – wild and domestic - are part of the same amazing animal family.

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