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Monkeys and apes are some of the most mischievous animals on the planet – and they’re packed with personality! In every episode of this new childrens series Patrick Aryee takes an in-depth look at a different monkey or ape. How they survive in the wild, what their strengths and weakness are, and uncovers some of their unique attributes. Packed with clever graphics and all the facts and figures kids love, Patrick is on a mission to find out which one can climb the highest, swing the furthest and shout the loudest.

Episodes include a look at the Gibbon, the fastest primate on the planet with astonishing acrobatics; the Gorilla, the largest and arguably most sedentary in the family; the Golden snub-nosed monkey which survives in the extreme snowy wilds of China; and the Long-tailed macaques of Thailand that have found a remarkable way of using tools to get food.